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The following is a list of section titles:

The Coin in Your Purse

Live Your Life the Best You Can

Looking Through Grace

Christ Is Forgiveness

Being in God's Will


The Forgiving Father

Moving into the Field of Battle

One Accord

Be Grateful

God Doesn't See Evil

What is Forgiveness?

What to Pray For

Forgive Yourself



Awakening to the Divine

Talk About It

The Lord Is Always Available

Enlightening Yourself

Making the Most Out of a Situation

Grace Is Loving God

On My Way to See Who Forgave Me

Seeing the Face of God

An Ultimate Selfishness

Forget It

Living Your Life to Completeness

Keep Your Focus on God

The Most Important Thing


Love It

Keep in Mind Your Purpose

Look for the Blessing

A State of Competition

The Hand of Enlightenment

Maintain Contact with the Loving

Don't Look for Perfection

The Moment Before Death

Peace Be Still

What's My Work Here?

A Tale of the Healing of Memories

Simple Directions for Living Life

Spiritual Exercises

We're in God's Hands

God is in the Forgiving Business

All These Catastrophes

Thank God


Appreciate Your Negativity

Go for Excellence

Don't Be Mean to Yourself

Don't Lie to Yourself


Seeing Through the Eyes of Christ

Eternal Vigilance

Know Yourself

Any Time and Day

Greatness Is Inside


In God's Will


To Love, Honor, and Respect

Open Your Heart and Forgive Yourself

The Days of Negative Publicity

The Commandments

The Healing of the Day

No Perfect Parents, No Perfect Children

What Is Forgiveness About?

Doing What God Does



The Key to the Kingdom

No Blame

The Mind of Christ

A State of Grace

Are You Crazy?


It's All God's

Your Inheritance

Why Am I Here?

So What?

Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Call Forth the Christ

God in All Beings

The Kingdom of Heaven

When Are We Forgiven?

The Question That Deals With You

The Pure of Heart

This, Too, You Shall Do, and Even Greater

Letting Go of Shame

The Tenderness of Christ


Speak Kind Words


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