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Reviewed by Audrey DeLaMartre
The "Phoenix" is a monthly publication for people actively working on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We may find it hard to forgive ourselves for being imperfect, perhaps because we tried to be faultless as children to avoid punishment. That contrasts wildly with the concept that we're made in God's image. It creates a fundamental and self-destructive emotional conflict that weaves through the whole personality and requires a thousand little treatments. John-Roger offers a book of short reflections on the subject of self forgiveness as a form of Christ-consciousness, of acknowledging the God within. For example, when you make a mistake, learn from it and don't dwell on it; God is in the business of forgiveness; don't dwell on the past, it no longer exists; take your authority back and stop giving it away to memories. A good bed-side, chair-side book.

Forgiveness: The Key to the Kindgom by John-Roger is my Bible. I carry it with me everywhere. It teaches me to forgive myself on a daily basis, forgive my judgements against myself and ANY other Soul. It carries so much truth and compassion, no matter what page I turn to, my heart bursts

Sally Kirkland

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