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The following are additional books by John-Roger and
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Other Books by John-Roger & Mandeville Press

Blessings of Light

This book provides us with a glimpse into the world of special, spiritual blessings given in most sacred moments. When a Minister is ordained in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, he or she is given a blessing that the Spirit brings forward. In those moments, the power and Grace of the Spirit is literally alive, touching everyone directly. This unique book is a compilation of these blessings-- and it offers a unique opportunity to share in these intimate, sacred moments of blessing.

The Christ Within & The Disciples Of Christ with the Cosmic Christ


An intimate look into unknown aspects of Jesus the man, Jesus the Christ, and Jesus and his followers. Summarizing the esoteric teachings of Jesus Christ and the transformation that his disciples went through (and that we can go through, too), this is an important inspirational sourcebook for all students of Christianity and spiritual growth. Includes beautiful meditations leading up to Christmas and one celebrating each of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Dream Voyages

Is there a difference between dreaming and soul travel-- or are they the same? In this groundbreaking volume, John-Roger explains the important difference between dreaming and night travel and its role in spiritual development. Out of print for many years now, this edition is almost twice its original size, filled with new material on this fascinating subject.

Inner Worlds of Meditation
Book 0-914829-45-9 $12.00

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Audiotape 0-914829-68-8 $45.00

All those involved in spiritual work will testify: meditation is crucial to developing spiritual depth. Here, John-Roger shares sacred information about how to use meditation to balance and heal physical, mental, and emotional disease and to work towards Soul Transcendence. As the practice of meditation develops, and your consciousness moves toward God, you create a fuller, happier situation for yourself at the life level, while at the same time moving back to the Supreme Source of all.

Manual On Using The Light

For spiritual seekers everywhere, here is a book that tells clearly how to use the Light to help others and to help yourself. In simple, entertaining format, the book explains how the Light works, how you can "tap into" its energies, and how it works with you when you invite it to. This is a sit-down, read-all-in-one-sitting book that readers will pick up again and again.

The Path to Mastership

This book takes the quest for spiritual awakening and maturity and presents it in terms of understandable concepts and in easy to grasp stages. It clearly defines signposts and steps along the way of spiritual development, and provides methods and techniques for strengthening the connection to the inner Truth that guides each person along their own unique path.

Possessions, Projections And Entities

What is the connection between magic and your own thought forms? How can you protect yourself against negative influences, like entities and possession? Is there such a thing as a "guardian angel"? Here, John-Roger shares valuable information on how thought forms are created and how they exert a psychic influence over you. He shares information on how to protect yourself against undesirable thought forms and influences of all kinds, providing a practical spiritual perspective on the subject of the occult.

The Power Within You

The tools for creating what you want are within your reach; your greatest tools and resources lie within. Discover the powerful, positive use of your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. Practice and develop the skill of working with your inner success mechanism. Readers will find that this book expands their personal power-- an invaluable tool for those who want to build a better world in and around them.

Q and A Journal From the Heart

Tired of searching through volumes of books to find the answers you need? Ever wonder if anyone could answer your questions directly, without beating around the bush, from the heart? Here, John-Roger gives plain, uplifting answers to the common questions that every heart inevitably asks. He answers questions about the highest good, the nature of evil, the power of the subconscious mind, the purpose of life, karma, and more. Blank pages are also provided for recording dreams, reflections, and experiences during spiritual exercises.

Relationships: The Art of Making Life Work

How to make relationships work: countless books have been devoted to the subject, and we are all still looking for the answers. Here, in this dynamic book, John-Roger offers answers that are direct, relevant, and effective. Pointing out that the ultimate relationship is with yourself, he tells his readers how to "get it right" with yourself. The rest will follow-- including how to relate to your spouse, children, with the Spirit, how to communicate with others, and more.

Seeking the Light: Uncovering the Truth about the Movement of
Spiritual Inner Awareness and its founder John-Roger

by James R. Lewis

In Seeking the Light, researcher and expert in nontraditional religions, James R. Lewis explores the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) from the inside out. His comprehensive study looks at MSIA under a microscope, examines the religious and spiritual heritage of MSIA, and presents, from an expert's viewpoint, the truth about this so-called controversial movement. His conclusions are enlightening and informative; they are interesting not only in the context of MSIA, but in relation to our nation, our politics, our culture, and our response to alternative religious movements.

Spiritual Warrior - The Art of Spiritual Living

This book is essential for every person who wants to integrate his or her spiritual and material lives and make them both work. A practical guide to finding greater meaning in everyday life, this revolutionary approach puts us firmly on the higher road to health, wealth and happiness; prosperity, abundance and riches; loving, caring, sharing and touching.

"It is in those moments when you are free from the distractions of the physical world that you have the greatest chance for upliftment. Take every chance you get because you will live in this world, get married, have kids, spend you life in slavery to car payments and house payments, work eight hours a day, and die--and you can take none of that with you."--from the book

The Spiritual Family

At last! A book that talks about the spiritual dynamic of the whole family, and the spiritual love present between husbands, wives, and children. As anyone who has a family knows, the tests of love and wisdom are often most difficult in the intimate setting, between husband and wife, parent and child, brother and sister. Here, John-Roger offers suggestions to keep the love flowing, in addition to practical guidelines on how to cope with children's behavior patterns-- everything from bedwetting and homework to household chores and teenage dating.

The Spiritual Promise

This book of inspirational poetry reminds us of the beauty and wonder of our inner Self, and of the awakening that lies before us as we embark on our spiritual journey home. With these words, John-Roger echoes the ancient promise: One day, you will see the face of God and you will know it.

The Tao of Spirit

This beautifully designed collection of writings by John-Roger was inspired by the Tao Te Ching, a book written by the venerable Chinese sage Lao-Tzu in the sixth century B.C. Designed to help you let go of the stresses of daily living and turn to the stillness within, the chapters have been organized so that they can be read as a daily or weekly inspiration. What a wonderful way to start or to end the day-- remembering to let go of your day-to-day problems and frustrations and be refreshed in the source at the center of your existence. Incorporating quotes from William Blake, Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Whitman, Rumi, and others, it is a book to live by.

Walking with the Lord

For anyone interested in spiritual exercises, or for anyone who wants a deeper relationship with God, this guide is indispensable. It is a handbook that provides instruction in meditation, in chanting the name of God, and in dealing with mental and emotional distractions that tend to get in the way. It also describes the quality of empathy that awakens through doing spiritual exercises, and explains the various realms of the Spirit that meditators may visit.

The Way Out Book

What is the key to successful living, "on earth as in heaven?" How do you make spirituality practical for everyday situations? This hands-on practical guide tells readers just how to awaken the spirit in their lives, and how to utilize that spirit in everyday life-- covering everything you need to know, from awakening to the soul, to loving with discernment, to identifying psychic influences, to knowing the strength of the Light force and how to use it. Over 70 keys to practical spirituality easily found by using the accompanying in-depth index.

Wealth & Higher Consciousness

Conscious prosperity is the watchword of the 90's, as people turn in great numbers from the indulgences of the 80's to a more serious interest in wealth, security, and responsibility. For the growing numbers who want liberal doses of health, wealth, and happiness, and who are claiming that right, this book will be a resource they will turn to again and again. It offers a practical approach to wealth, from a spiritual point of view.


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