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"Self-forgiveness is the key to the kingdom. It not only opens the door, it's the hinges on the door, it's the key to the door, and it's also the little bell that rings and lets you know the door opened."

Our modern libraries could devote wings to the volumes of books dedicated to the wise or wacky sayings of the famous and the trying-to-be-famous. Everyone from Bertrand Russell to Forrest Gump seems to have a book full of cute one- or two-sentence sayings that seem to be profound, but may only be clever.

John-Roger's Forgiveness: The Key to the Kingdom is just the opposite. Each bite-sized chapter, some just a few lines, others just over a page, may appear to contain simple thoughts. And, in one respect they are simple in their clarity and brevity. But their depth and substance expand upon reflection, as one takes a deep breath and plumbs their depths.

Using the central theme of forgiveness, John-Roger draws upon material from over 5,000 lectures he has given around the world to illustrate how important this concept is. For example, "You must forgive yourself all things. You must have compassion for all people and the things they have done. When you've done that, you've done it to the least one of these; you've done it unto me. When you've done it to 'me,' the Divinity makes itself known and floods the system." In Forgiveness, John-Roger quotes several verses of scripture, holding it up as a sacred diamond and revealing facets we may not have seen before.

Yet, there is a lot more to this remarkable book than holy scripture. There is a generous portion of the practical wisdom John-Roger is famous for. Everyday situations are dealt with in a clear, concise manner and described in a way that every reader can recognize as part of his or her own experience.

Lest it be thought that Forgiveness is a one-note instrument to awareness, the reader quickly discovers that forgiveness has many aspects. The process of grieving a loss is part of forgiveness, as are apologizing, accepting, forgetting, and a host of other practices. So many aspects of our lives are connected to forgiveness that we start to see the concepts in this book taking on unexpected importance and depth.

Forgiveness is a book that could be compared to a lotus blossom, unfolding layer after layer. Each layer is beautiful and complete, and there seems always to be another layer to appreciate and meditate upon.

In the end, this is not a book of sayings and quotes, but a philosophy of life and, truly, a key to the kingdom.

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