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A teacher and lecturer of international stature, with millions of books in print, John-Roger is an inspiration in the lives of thousands of people. For over three decades, his wisdom, humor, common sense and love have helped people to discover the spirit within themselves and find health, peace, and prosperity.

With two co-authored books on the New York Times Bestseller list to his credit, and more than three dozen spiritual and self-help books and audio albums, John-Roger offers extraordinary insights on a wide range of topics. He is the founder of the Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, which focuses on Soul Transcendence; founder and President of the Institute for Individual and World Peace ; founder and Chancellor of the University of Santa Monica; founder of Insight Transformational Seminars and President of Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy.

John-Roger has given over 5,000 seminars worldwide, many of which are televised nationally on his cable program, “That Which Is,” through the Network of Wisdoms. He has been a featured guest on “Larry King Live,” “Politically Incorrect,” “The Roseanne Show,” and appears regularly on radio and television.

You can hear John-Roger audio clips or watch video clips featuring John-Roger on the MSIA web site any time. Here you will find audio recordings of John- Roger's seminars: Spiritual Warrior, Meditation on Forgiveness, and The Sound Current: The Road Home.

A teacher and minister by profession, John-Roger continues to transform the lives of many, by educating them in the wisdom of the spiritual heart.

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